Drip Irrigation Modern Techniques

Pakistan is a agriculture country and our 70% population depending on agriculture. So that we need to improve our agriculture. Improving agriculture mean improving living standard of peoples in Pakistan. Due to climate changes in the world. Pakistan is most effecting country which  faces water crisis very seriously. Due this reason Government of Pakistan offering drip irrigation subsidy to farmer. The purpose of subsidy by the government to protect water losses and less availability of water in country. Drip Irrigation System is a batter way to irrigate the crops and save water with drip irrigation technologies.

Drip irrigation Pakistan is drip irrigation company in Pakistan, which offering all services in the field of drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation offers following services.

  • Drip irrigation equipment’s supplies
  • Drip irrigation installation services
  • Drip irrigation layout designing
  • Drip irrigation maintenance services
  • Drip irrigation Training
  • Landscaping Services
  • Tunnel Farming
  • Greenhouse farming

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