Green House Modern Techniques

Greenhouse farming are common now a days in agriculture. Greenhouse farming will help world to fulfill our agriculture needs. Greenhouse will help to farmers to grow off season vegetables in greenhouse. Early farming can bring more profit for farmers. Greenhouse provide control environment to crops. In Greenhouse we can manage temperature with the help of cooling system and heating system. Everything is control able like humidity, Lights and drip irrigation system. We can provide nutrients with the help of drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation have venturi injector for fertigation.

Greenhouse farming is profit able business in Pakistan. We have lot of vegetables demand during winter season. Due to control environment we can grow more vegetables in greenhouse than open field.

Commercial greenhouse farming is big opportunity in Pakistan. Where you can start organic farming in Pakistan. Now a days organic farming is more popular. Organic vegetables more healthy than non organic.

Cyber Solutions Inc. & Agribusiness Pakistan offers following services in Greenhouse Farming.

  • Greenhouse Installation
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Consultancy
  • Hybrids seeds (F1)

Please email us for any consultancy in greenhouse farming.